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Wondershare UniConverter Review 2020

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Like you, I’ve always admired top-quality videos. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or any other place —— a well-edited video is always therapeutic. From football highlights to travel documentaries and simple DIY project videos, the video’s quality is very much tied to the specific converting/editing software used. And if you’re like me who learned how to edit videos using some back-of-the-house software, you probably think of video editing as a tedious and demanding task. Don’t you?

Well, converting or editing a video doesn’t have to be dreary. In fact, with Wondershare UniConverter, you’re only a few clicks away. What’s more, this tool comes with multiple features that bring the right balance between simplicity and usefulness. Unlike other tools on the market, you don’t need to ‘enroll for a college diploma’ to learn how to edit and convert videos. It has a simple and responsive interface that’s incredibly fast and easy to use.

Generally, video converters are usually limited to a single platform. This is not the case with Wondershare UniConverter (formerly Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). This reliable video converter is available on Windows and macOS computers. What’s more, you don’t need the latest technology on your computer to enjoy the converter’s powerful video editing features.

Here’s are the system requirements:

Product VersionSupported OSProcessorFree Hard Disk SpaceRAM
WindowsWindows 10/8/7/Vista/XP> 750MHz Intel or AMD CPU/td>100MB or above256MB or above
MacmacOS X 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7.> 1GHz Intel processor or above100MB or above512MB or above

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Short UniConverter Review Summary

Wondershare UniConverter is a premium tool for all your video conversion needs. Whether you want to convert a single video or thousands of videos quickly, there are no limits. The software supports numerous video and audio files, including earlier HD and 4K-capable codec formats. You can even convert videos for use with mobile devices and VR headsets.

The software’s streamlined interface makes video conversion and editing simple and straightforward. It allows you to conveniently edit, trim, add subtitles, and apply filters within the same screen. Additionally, with Wondershare UniConverter, you can always preview the results before saving the converted video. This allows you to compare the videos and make the necessary adjustments so that the result is spotless.

Finally, if your video conversion work is destined for the web, this Wondershare video converter dramatically simplifies your workflow. Whether you’re uploading to a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or sending it via email, you can be sure of a smooth upload process. Compared to other converters, UniConverter hands you more control, and you never have to worry about video quality losses – convert the video > preserve the quality.


  • Incredibly fast and reliable video converter/editor
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Supports 1,000+ formats
  • Powerful video editing features
  • Available for both Windows and macOS computers


  • It might take some time to learn everything (not the hardest though)

What Is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is a premium video conversion tool that helps edit, trim, add filters, and burn files. This reliable software boasts over 1,000 formats, high speed conversion speeds, and an easy to use interface. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet effective converter for a few videos or mass production of professional videos, UniConverter is the real deal. And while it has a variety of useful features, it takes a few editing sessions to pinpoint every one of them with ease.

The main features of the converter are:

  • Video conversion
  • Video editing
  • Compress video
  • Burn videos to DVD
  • Media files transfer
  • Video toolbox with additional features like VR converter, fix media database, TV cast, screen recorder, CD ripper, among others.

Do You Need Wondershare UniConverter?

Yes! Whether you’re a professional videographer or not, Wondershare UniConverter is useful for a wide range of users. Firstly, it’s available for both Windows and macOS computers and has numerous features, including video conversion and editing. This tool supports over 1,000 formats and has a streamlined interface that renders editing simple and straightforward. Moreover, it comes with extra features like burning videos, CD ripper, and TV cast that make it an all-around video converter.

Is Wondershare UniConverter Free?

Like many other video converters on the market, Wondershare UniConverter is available in two versions – free trial and paid version. The free trial mode comes with limited capabilities, including few supported video formats. Also, you can only download videos on YouTube with the limited trial.

On the other hand, the paid version boasts of top-notch features with no limitations. As soon as you register for an account, the world is your playground. With UniConverter Pro, you can download videos from multiple sites while enjoying wider support for non-DRM video formats.

How Much Does Wondershare UniConverter Cost?

Wondershare UniConverter Pro is available for use in 4 unique purchase options. Whether you’re using a Windows or macOS computer, the price flexibility allows you to save money and make the most out of the software.

For Windows users, the software goes for as little as $39.95 an entire year for a single PC. You can also get it for $55.96 one-time payment. With this plan, you get to enjoy the incredible features for a lifetime license. Lastly, there’s a business plan which starts with 2 PCS for $107.91/year and $161.91/lifetime. If you want to use the business plan for more than 2 PCs, there’s a price calculator to help you get the exact amount to pay for up to 100+ seat licenses.

For macOS, the pricing scheme is pretty much the same with just but a slight variation. An annual plan for a single PC goes for $59.95. In the same way, a lifetime license plan for a single PC goes for $69.95. Lastly, UniConverter has a business plan for mac users as well, which starts with 2 PCS for $125.91/year and $179.91/lifetime. And just like with the Windows pricing plan, there’s a price calculator to help you calculate the price if you wish to use the software on more than two PCs under the business plan.

Note: UniConverter Pro is available for as low as $7.96 for teachers, school administrators, and other educators.

Is Wondershare UniConverter Safe to Use?

Yes! UniConverter is absolutely safe on both Windows and macOS platforms. The initial installer program and all the associated files, pass scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware. So, the software is completely free of malware, and it doesn’t contain 3rd party programs.

More so, when you’re downloading the program, you do so from Wondershare’s server which intercepts any possibility of malware embedding.

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Wondershare UniConverter Features

As soon as you open the software, the first thing you notice is how well-designed the UI is. At the top of the dashboard, there are five different sections that you can access with the click of a button.

  • Convert
  • Download
  • Burn
  • Transfer
  • Toolbox

So, now that we’ve listed the main features, let’s look into what each one of them does and test how well it works.

Video Converter

I don’t think there’s any other software that simplifies video conversion like UniConverter – it’s in the name. Simply add the specific video file (for example an MP4, MOV, etc) to the dashboard from wherever it might be on the computer and select the final input settings. The best thing about it is you can even convert video outside your computer’s hard drive. Whether it from your mobile device, external hard drive, DVD drive, connected camcorder – there are no limits. Also, you can convert multiple files to the same output format at once for mass production.

The Video converter feature

The software has over 1,000 preset formats, which gives you a wide range of options to work with. With the formats, you can either customize your settings or modify the existing ones to match your preference without affecting the file’s quality. Either way, UniConverter gives you total control over the different settings, including audio, frame rate, and bitrate.

The program allows you to practice your creativity when converting your videos with a few basic editing options. Whether you want to trim the video, rotate, add filter effects, or subtitles – there’s a dedicated button for each. And while the filter effects are limited, there’s just enough to give the video your preferred mood. Basically, other than converting videos, UniConverter allows you to add a bit of contrast and adjust saturation.

For subtitles, there are different format presets available, and you can even search for more formats with the dedicated search icon. There’s also a watermarking function for copyright protection, though it’s limited in style and layout. Finally, the audio selection is a bit limited, and I feel like the addition of an equalizer would make this an even better tool. All in all, the video conversion feature does a great job of allowing you to convert and edit videos easily.


A great part of our everyday life is sourcing and manipulating videos from different web sources. However, some of these sources either prohibit video download, or the playback isn’t as good with the chosen device. With UniConverter, you can easily download an online video from the web and convert them into a format of your choice.

UniConverter downloader feature

Whether it’s from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more – your favorite video is one click away. What’s more, you don’t have to download and convert independently. By enabling the Download and Convert Mode, the software will do everything for you.

Unlike other converters on the market, UniConverter makes everything seamless. Downloading videos is extremely easy. Simply copy the video’s URL from wherever you want to download from, paste it into the dialog box, and click the download button. The program analyzes the video in a few seconds and presents you with a list of available download quality options.

DVD Burner

Though there isn’t much about this section, burning videos to DVD is the easiest task at UniConverter. From here, you can make a satisfying compilation of videos to share with friends and family.

I wouldn’t recommend it for professional videographers because it’s a bit limited. However, if you just want to clamp a few videos to DVD, the available functionality is quite simple and straightforward.

DVD Burner feature

Like the conversion section, you can preview your videos and make the necessary edits before burning them to DVD. You can also use the available menu presets to customize the background, music, and text. The versatility is very limited in terms of adjusting the text window and placement, which means you’ll have to work with the available presets. You can’t crop the background image either. These limitations make the program ideal for quick, recreational videos, and not professional ones.


The Transfer section of the converter is just but a hyped file manager that allows you to easily transfer files to your mobile device or external hard drive. Instead of having to go for another program, the designers of the software made it user friendly to transfer your converted work to a separate device easily. Whether there are images or videos, simply connect your device and import the files.

At first, the software had a hard time detecting my phone, and I had to try about three times. Once detected and connected to the software, the device was shown in the interface. From here, you can click the Add Files button on the left corner to browse and import local files. If you specifically want to transfer converted files, head over to the Converted list and click Add to Transfer List button.

Downloaded videos can also be transferred by clicking the Download section and Finished tab. From here, click the add to Transfer List button. Ultimately, when you have selected all the files you wish to transfer, click the Transfer section and either transfer all at once or each at a time using the relevant buttons.

I think this is the least necessary section of the program. But still, being able to collect everything in one section for easy transferring saves you a great deal on time. Other than a few instances when I had to disconnect and connect the device again before being detected, I find it useful.


The Toolbox is another important section of UniConverter that complements its versatility. Within the section, other additional features make the tool more than a regular video conversion tool. The section houses important features like a VR converter, a link to fix media database, a cast to TV option, a screen recorder, and a CD ripper.

The UniConverter toolbox

Image Converter: It allows you to browse and import local images to be converted. The program supports batch processing, and multiple files can be added at the same time. From here, you can crop, add filter effects, or watermark your image in seconds.

Fix Media Database: Media database refers to the name, language, date of release, and other particulars that describe a file. This section makes fixing the database easier for better management and organization of the files. Whether it is incorrect, missing, or incomplete, correcting it is as easy as 1 2 3.

VR Converter: This section allows you to choose the video mode and device you wish to create the VR files for with a few clicks. Simply add the video, choose your preferred VR settings, and convert.

GIF Maker: In the wake of GIF reactions on social media, UniConverter makes it easy to create animated files using images and videos. Just choose the files you want to create a GIF file within the GIF Maker section and enjoy your new animated GIFs.

Video Compress: With Video compress, you can reduce the file size without affecting the quality. Whether you want to send the video via email or upload it on social media, this section makes your upload smooth and makes it easy for the recipient to download it. Change the video parameters and percentage of compression, and the software will automatically change the values.

CD Burner: The section allows you to back up your audio files physically in a compact disc. UniConverter supports numerous formats, including MP3, M4B, and WAV. Just add the files using the CD Burner link, insert a CD, and Burn.

Screen Recorder: It allows you to easily record your screen without having to download an additional program. Whether it’s a conference call, live screen, or streaming video, Screen Recorder makes screen recording hassle-free.

Cast to TV (Media Server): Cast to TV allows you to play your videos on a smart TV for a better viewing experience. Like the Transfer feature, I had a few hitches connecting, but nothing worth cautioning you against.

CD Ripper: The CD Ripper is the opposite of a CD Burner. It extracts raw digital audio from a compact disc to standard computer files. Whether you want to have an audio backup of the files or manipulate them in a different format, the CD Ripper does the job perfectly.

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UniConverter Alternatives

Movavi Video Converter -This impressive video converter is another tool available on multiple platforms, Windows and macOS. It supports over 180 file formats and allows you to compress video files while retaining the quality. What’s more, you can also edit files, and the conversion process is easy and simple to learn.

Any Video Converter – The Anvsoft Inc. video converter is available to both Windows and macOS computers. It supports numerous video and audio formats, and you can also download files from the web with the software. It’s easy to use and boast of incredible speeds when it comes to extracting audio from CD and burning video to DVD.

Handbrake – This free and open-source video transcoder is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS computers. And while it was developed back in 2003, the program has undergone numerous revisions centered around improving the user experience. It supports different video formats, and you can easily edit supported videos to your liking in minutes.

Wondershare Uniconverter Review – Final Words

That’s it! Wondershare UniConverter is an impressive video conversion tool with over 1,000 supported formats. This software boasts a streamlined interface and useful, well-articulated features that can be accessed at the top of the dashboard. Unlike most converters on the market, it’s available across multiple platforms, Windows and macOS.

The software is also safe from malware, thanks to the absence of 3rd party programs. The actual installer program is also downloaded from Wondershare’s website, meaning that you get the most stable and updated version. With an easy to use interface and fast conversion speed, I think UniConverter is worth taking a look. More so, it’s available in 4 different pricing plans, which allows you to pay based on your specific needs.

I’ve used a couple of video converters before, and Wondershare UniConverter is a cut above the rest. It supports the most file formats for the price, and has numerous features that make it more than a regular video converter. Besides the few glitches on Transfer and Cast to TV, which can be ironed out with a system update, I recommend this program.

Again. Thanks for the read!


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