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iMobie PhoneRescue Review 2020 | Can It Safely Recover Your Data?

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My friend recently lost all messages, photos, and documents on his iPhone and I can only imagine how much of a setback that might have been. Shockingly, he’d not made a backup in iCloud or iTunes. And funny enough, he was already contemplating giving up on ever getting the lost data back.

I installed iMobie PhoneRescue on my computer almost a year ago after I saw my wife go through hell to recover lost data. Ever since I’ve had it, I have used it three times. So, when my friend came to me ranting about his experience, I only had one iPhone data recovery tool in mind. Having experienced the disappointment of losing data multiple times, I knew that iMobie PhoneRescue was his best bet.

This incredible software retrieves your data back in no time with simple and direct steps. What’s more, it recovers both iOS and Android data, and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Simply download and install the software, connect your phone with a USB cable, and watch as all your data gets restored. Whether it’s an Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, tablet, iPod Touch, nothing is impossible.

PhoneRescue uses the best technologies for quicker scan, instant preview, and faster recovery. It uses a responsive UI and step-by-step wizard to make what is normally seen as a complicated task, look easy. More so, the software is 100% secure with an unmatched success rate. More than 5.7 million iOS and Android users have used it to recover data. Numbers don’t lie. Right?

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Short PhoneRescue Review Summary

PhoneRescue is an excellent data recovery software that successfully retrieves lost and accidentally deleted files. It initiates data recovery in Apple and Android devices (phones and tablets). From photos, messages, contacts, calendar, call history, app data, and notes, nothing is out of bounds. The best thing about the software is its top-rated security and exclusivity – the data is only available to you. What’s more, the program is available to download for both PC and Mac users.

Unlike most data recovery tools in the market, iMobie rescue is built around faster scans and recovery. The program designers understand the importance of initiating recovery sooner and how it might affect the quality of your find. Time counts during recovery, and quicker work guarantees better recovery. It has a relatively simpler workflow and doesn’t need much technical expertise to use. The software’s direct approach to data recovery makes the experience both easy and quick.

Lastly, PhoneRescue has a wide coverage that spans up to 31 different types of data. The wide range of coverage makes it impossible to lose a KB of data on your phone. Additionally, the program offers a variety of solutions to improve the possibilities of success under different conditions.


  • Has a responsive and user-friendly interface
  • Offers four different recovery modes
  • Retains the quality of recovered files
  • Allows you to either restore lost data or backup to a computer
  • You can extract data from iCloud/iTunes for completely damaged devices


  • The free trial version only allows you to test compatibility
  • It displays both existing and deleted data, making it difficult to find the files you need from the huge scan report

Get iMobie PhoneRescue here >

iMobie PhoneRescue main menu

PhoneRescue System Requirements

Supported OS


Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10 – 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Mac OS: Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra

OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, & 10.11

Processor Pentium Iv 2.4 GHz Or Above
Ram512 Mb Or Above
Disk Space100 Mb Or More Free Space
Supported iOS devicesiOS 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
Supported AndroidAndroid 4.0 Or Above

Next in my iMobie PhoneRescue review, let’s delve into the software’s operation and viability. What exactly is iMobie PhoneRescue? Should you use it? Is it free? How do you use it? To crack the riddle, here are the FAQs:

What Is iMobie PhoneRescue?

It’s a functional software developed by iMobie to help you recover lost/deleted data on your mobile phone. Contrary to popular belief, PhoneRescue is a computer software and not a mobile phone app! The program is installed on a computer that’s then used as a medium to initiate the recovery process. The best thing about it is you can use it to scan Android and iOS devices for lost data, repair iOS device issues, and extract backup files from iTunes and iCloud. Furthermore, the program:

  • Retrieves lost or deleted data without any backup – iPhone and Android.
  • Recovers all iOS data and files from iTunes and iCloud without deleting existing data on your device.
  • Restores data lost from lost/stolen devices, system crash, factory reset, system update, virus attack, and accidental deletion.
  • Recovers deleted photos, videos, call logs, voice notes, messages, WhatsApp, contacts, browser history, and more data.
  • Repairs iOS device issues like iPhone stuck on a black screen, disabled iPhone, Apple logo, Recovery mode, among others.
  • Uses advanced technology for faster recovery and a high recovery success rate.
  • Removes Lock Screen Passcode and iOS versions safely.

Do You Need PhoneRescue?

Yes! Everyone needs this software. Firstly, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Secondly, it can be installed on either Windows or Mac computers. Finally, it has a user-friendly interface that’s super responsive and easy to use – everybody can use it. And wait! Unlike other recovery tools on the internet, PhoneRescue is 100% free of viruses and doesn’t contain bundled 3rd party programs.

Is PhoneRescue Free?

Like most software out there, PhoneRescue for iOS and Android is available in two versions; free trial version and full. For the free trial, it’s absolutely free to download and allows you to test the compatibility of your devices with a few scans. However, the scans and features available on this version are limited. So, to enjoy all the features of the software like saving and exporting recovered files, you’ll have to upgrade to the full version.

Simply purchase the legal software license, which starts for as low as $39.99/year (60-Day Money Back Guarantee). As you’d expect, the pricing depends on your preferred tariff and longevity.

Is PhoneRescue Safe to Use?

Yes, it is! As stressed before, this software is entirely free of malware, and it doesn’t come with bundled 3rd party programs. What’s more, it uses read-only procedures that perform the scans without affecting existing data. It also asks for your permission before accessing iCloud and iTunes.

PhoneRescue Features

Before we look into PhoneRescue’s features, let’s start with how to use PhoneRescue. Personally, I find it to be one of the most straightforward recovery software that I’ve used before. Users are provided with an easy to follow tutorial that makes the process much easier. So, here’s how to recover your deleted/lost files using PhoneRescue:

  1. Start by downloading the PhoneRescue software
  2. Install and launch the software
  3. Connect your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to the computer using a USB cable
  4. Once detected – click “Recover from iOS” and proceed
  5. Click the type of data you want to recover, click “OK” followed by the forward button to begin scanning
  6. Once the scan is complete, select the files you need and download to computer or device to recover them

Easy! Right? PhoneRescue offers four recovery modes – “Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud, and iOS Repair Tools.”  All these recovery modules are different, and the one you go for will depend on your specific data loss condition. Additionally, the software has the Export feature that helps you save the retrieved data.

1. Recover from iOS Device

This mode is ideal for recovering data like pictures, messages, videos, and notes that you might have deleted from your iPhone. Most of these types of recovery are done when you hadn’t backed the data in iTunes or iCloud. So, connect the phone to your computer with a USB cable and wait for the “Your iPhone is connected” message to pop up on the bottom of the screen.

The software takes a few minutes to analyze your device depending on the size of your recovery. Mine took less than a minute to recover about 2143 files. Everything from call history, messages, attachments, contacts, notes, songs, and iPhone photos and videos was recovered.

Note: don’t unplug your phone when the process is ongoing.

For a person who has used multiple recovery tools, PhoneRescue is very effective. The entire process took a few seconds, and I was able to recover a whole lot of data. However, I was surprised that the software listed both the recovered and existing data on the scan report. Not that it’s a problem, but it means that it will take you more time to retrieve a specific file from the pool of finds.

Recover from iOS device

2. Recover from iTunes Backup

Unlike the previous model, recovering from iTunes is recommended when you don’t have your device in hand. Whether it was damaged in an accident, stolen, or lost, you can easily retrieve data from iTunes if you’ve got one stored in your computer. To get started, select “Recover from iTunes” and click the arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The software analyzes your iTunes backup file and extracts the relevant data. Mine came up with 3456 files in a little over a minute for Sandra’s lost iPhone. PhoneRescue allows you to backup and restore any iOS device in minutes. Unlike the inbuilt apple backup extractor, it allows you to preview the content and selectively restore your files. Also, this software doesn’t erase your current data like Apple iTunes.

Recover from iTunes backup

3. Recover from iCloud

Like the “Discover from iTunes Backup” mode, this one works best when you already have a backup of your iOS device on iCloud. To recover the data, select “Recover from iCloud” and hit the button to continue. In the new page, input your Apple ID and password to proceed.

PhoneRescue scans for all devices that have enabled iCloud backup and present you with a preview of the results. Choose the specific backup from the list and download it. I found 424 files from the backup, and it didn’t take the whole day. However, I found it similar to, which you can access on your iPhone without disclosing your Apple ID to a third-party. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly appreciate giving out my Apple ID, so I prefer to use my iPhone’s inbuilt cloud storage.

Note: because of Apple’s security limitation on Mac, the software’s Mac version only supports iOS 8.4 and earlier. On the other hand, the Windows version supports iOS 8 and 9.

Recover from iCloud

4. iOS Repair Tools

The iOS Repair Tools is the fourth mode that helps to troubleshoot your iPhone. Whether it’s stuck on a black screen, Apple logo, or keeps on restarting. Unfortunately, our iPhones are relatively new, and I couldn’t test the module. However, I have a friend whose screen abruptly halted on a black screen, and the software helps him correct it.

5. Export Feature

As stressed earlier, the main difference between the free trial and the full version is the end product. Both allow you to scan your device, but you can only preview and export data using the full version. So, I recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible. Once you purchase the legal software license, the activation process is simple and direct – copy the code and paste in the pop-up window.

Throughout the year, I have saved a lot of files on my computer without a problem. The process is smooth, and the quality of files is the same – videos and images.

The export process is pretty much straightforward as well, but I was surprised that I couldn’t export ‘everything’ back. When I attempted to export the files back to my iPhone, only messages, notes, call history, contacts, reminders, voicemail, and safari history was exported. I tried doing the same for images and videos, but there weren’t on the preview list. Items on the ‘exportable’ list did get transferred back, but I don’t know why I couldn’t do the same for the images and videos. The process also took a while, and my phone had to restart to complete exporting.

Note: PhoneRescue doesn’t export items that already exist in your phone. If the item already exists, recovery is suspended to avoid having duplicates of the same file types.

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PhoneRescue Alternatives

Dr. fone – it’s a toolkit that works on recovering lost/deleted data in iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The app has several prime features that allow you to:

  • Recover videos, images, contacts, messages, call logs, and notes from your device
  • Retrieve lost data from iTunes
  • Recover deleted data from iCloud

However, unlike iMobie PhoneRescue, it doesn’t fix any PC-related issues.

Read our detailed dr.fone review here >

Stellar Data Recovery – it’s a data recovery software for Mac and Windows users. Everything can be recovered for you from videos, photos, and audios. The software’s features help you to:

  • Recover data from the hard drive
  • Restore data from corrupted storage media

iMobie PhoneRescue Review: Final Words

And that’s it! iMobie PhoneRescue is a resourceful Android and iOS data recovery software for both Mac and Windows users. Unlike most of the competitors, it offers more features and is available at a fair price. In addition to the incredible features, using the software is also easy and direct, and anyone can recover files with it.

Whether you have a backup or not, PhoneRescue is geared towards a quick and effective iPhone recovery data. The software can either recover deleted files without backup, files from iCloud, and data from iTunes. The system uses different recovery modes as well to improve the possibilities of a successful restoration.

With fairly competitive pricing, quick recovery systems, and different modules of restoration, PhoneRescue is certainly worth checking out. I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year, and I love it!


Get iMobie PhoneRescue here >

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