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Dell Warranty Check – How To Check Your Dell Warranty Status

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check

Dell offers a contract with it’s customers which covers the warranty for a specific time period. During that time period, the company is responsible for the stability of the product.

In the terms of the contract, Dell specifies under what circumstances exchanges or repairs can be made, in case your product does not function as promised.

So if you’re a Dell user, and you want to check your warranty status, here’s how to perform a Dell warranty check in three easy steps:

Step #1: Go to the Dell Warranty Information Page

To perform a Dell warranty lookup, you should first visit Dell’s website and head over to their Warranty & Contracts page.

The Warranty & Contracts page should look like this:

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check


Step #2: Enter your Dell service Tag or Dell EMC product ID

Next we need your Dell service tag or EMC product ID. These very important numbers should be located at the back or bottom of your Dell laptop.

Now enter one of the numbers in the search bar on the warranty page. Important: Make sure you type it correctly, or else the search will lead to no results.

The search bar should look like this:

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check

After entering your service tag or EMC product ID in the search bar, you will get the status of your warranty. However, if you’re having issues finding your serial number, or get no results by doing this, head over to step three below.

Step # 3: Use the detect PC tool if you cannot find your service tag or product ID.

If you are unable to find your Dell warranty status, even after entering your service tag or product ID, no need to worry. Here in step three we have one more way to find it. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Use the Detect PC tool if you can’t find your service tag or EMC product ID. The Detect PC tool is used to detect the hardware in your PC, and will display the system information and any other important data. In addition, the tool will help you find the service tag, the serial number or the EMC product ID.

The Detect PC tool is a button on the right side:

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check

  • Now, press the DETECT PC button to proceed.

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check

  • After clicking the Detect PC button, you will be directed to the above SupportAssist page. It’s a great application that maintains your system and keep it in good shape. In addition, it identifies system issues and also allow you to run diagnostics and driver-update scans.
  • And once the app is installed on your laptop, it will be detected automatically in the future (I.e. only one download and installation is needed)
  • Now, accept the Policy TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • And press the Continue Button.

The continue button

  • After pressing the continue button you will be directed to a new page, and the application launch button will appear in the Windows 10 task bar.

How To Do A Dell Warranty Check

  • Next, select the Application launch icon from the Windows 10 task bar.
  • After selecting the launch button, a popup window will appear. Now the application will start installing.

This is how the download application screen looks like

  • After a few minutes your application will be downloaded and installed, and your system details will be displayed, including your service tag and Express Service Code, plus any other information about your computer. In addition, the application shows your warranty details, for example when it’s going to expire.

The system information screen should look like this:

This is how the final screen looks like


This application does not only let you check Dell warranty, but it also allows you to get an overview your device, including the technical specification. It also diagnoses your PC, and let you download new drivers your PC, making it easy for users who are not familiar with doing these kind of tasks.

Dell Extended Warranty

If you are thinking to extend your laptop’s warranty, let me tell you it’s a great idea. You see, warranty extensions start right after your old warranty expires, and here’s what you need to do if you want a warranty extension

1. Locate your service tag

After checking your current warranty status (which may have expired), locate your service tag which is an important number when renewing your warranty.

2. Contact Dell

Contact Dell by calling them on any of their available numbers. In addition, you can Email them. The good news is their customer service is available at all times.

Last but not least you have the option to extend your warranty online. You can do it from the following link.

In closing, let me tell you it’s a great idea to have Dell warranty. You see, laptops and desktops are complicated machines, which may lead to many issues costing you a lot of money. However, if your computer is under Dell warranty then you don’t have to worry about repairs, since Dell is responsible for any damages that happens.

Thanks for reading 🙂


In closing, I hope my Dell warranty check guide was helpful. In addition, I recommend that you look around our site to learn about other online software for small business owners. Also, if you have any questions about this Dell warranty check guide or something else, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail using my contact form.

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