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CleanMyPC Review (2020 Updated)

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CleanMyPC is an intuitive utility that helps to improve your computer’s performance. This lightweight software identifies and removes ‘unwanted files’ while optimizing Windows to make sure that your PC runs smoothly. It frees your scrappy hard drive and corrects registry issues to enhance performance. What’s more, the newer version packs incredible features that allow you to uninstall applications that you no longer need and manage browser extensions and plugins.

MacPaw, the software provider, offers flexible pricing plans that are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to clean your only laptop or multiple computers in your home, there’s a plan for everyone. It downloads and installs easily, allowing you to clean and repair your PC immediately. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation blissful. Click the beckoning green “Scan” icon and watch as the app frees up valuable storage space for you.

This computer maintenance software is not your average junk cleaner. Essential tools like the Disk Cleaner, Registry Fixer, Extensions, Privacy, and Uninstaller help to solve all your Windows concerns with a few clicks. And while the software still lacks in terms of providing a detailed report of what needs to go, it successfully;

  • Identifies problematic areas
  • Removes junk files to free up hard drive space
  • Deletes your browser’s cache, cookies, and history to enhance your security
  • Repairs registry to elevate system performance

Basically, CleanMyPC wipes off redundant files and extensions for you to free up space in your hard drive and accelerate performance. It reveals the amount of storage you can expect to reclaim as well and allows you to remove leftover bits and browser-based extras that are no longer useful.

Pro Tip: CleanMyPC is available for Windows 10, 8, and 7

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Short CleanMyPC Review Summary

CleanMyPC is a $39.95, easy to use software that monitors, cleans, and optimizes your computer. It removes junk files, repairs registry, and optimizes Windows so that your PC can run smoothly. The best thing about the software, it reveals the amount of storage you’re bound to reclaim. What’s more, it gives an app a second pass by allowing you to remove extra files to free up more storage.

Like most other paid computer software, CleanMyPC is priced based on the number of computers you have. Whether you only have one, two, or even five PCs; you get what you pay for. The price flexibility allows users to get value for money and only pay for what they’re using.

This lightweight app boasts of a well-designed and attractive blue-and-white interface with a handy column on the left. From the column, you can access:

  • Registry Maintenance
  • My Computer
  • Hibernation
  • Extensions
  • Shredder icons
  • Uninstaller
  • Privacy Autorun

All these tools work in unison to remove redundant files and free up disk space. Also, they repair loopholes and delete browser history and cache to enhance your security. And while the failure to provide more information about what’s supposed to be removed still leaves room for improvement, CleanMyPC is a decent tune-up utility.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective tune-up utility
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Useful tools like Uninstaller, Extensions, Shredder, among others
  • Robust customer support


  • Doesn’t have a back-up tool
  • Failure to provide detailed listing about what is supposed to be removed

Get CleanMyPC From MacPaw here >

What is CleanMyPC?

CleanMyPC is a powerful registry cleaner that works to delete unnecessary files and improve system performance. This intuitive software is made of different tools that uninstall unwanted apps, repair registry, and manage extensions and plugins. What’s more, it’s easy to download and install. It has an intuitive interface that makes navigation and cleanup blissful.

Do You Need CleanMyPC?

Yes! Everyone needs a PC cleaner, and CleanMyPC is a great option. The software is well-designed, and navigation is easy. The multi Uninstaller feature is great, and pricing is also competitive compared to other PC cleaning tools. So, other than its inability to provide detailed information before file removal, CleanMyPC is an incredible utility to have.

Is CleanMyPC Free?

No. It isn’t. While the software has a “Free Download” version that’s usually advertised as a trial, you’ll ultimately have to pay. The free period is pretty much a demo, as it comes with limits that most people hit almost immediately after downloading. The free trial gives you up to 500mb clean up and up to 50 items in your registry. Not that much at all.

MacPaw offers three pricing plans for users interested in using the CleanMyPC software. A single license plan that lets you run the program on one personal computer goes for $39.95. On the other hand, a double pack for two PCs costs $59.95. Finally, MacPaw charges $89.95 for a family pack of 5 computers.

Note: MacPaw accepts different payment methods, including Credit Cards, PayPal, and Bank Wire Transfer. Users are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the methods of payment.

Is CleanMyPC Safe?

Yes! It is. I have used dozens of PC cleaning programs before, and CleanMyPC is up there with the best. I’ve actually been using it for 5 months now, and I don’t have any worries about my privacy. I have it on two of my computers in the house, and I haven’t had any issues with either – no software compatibility issues or flagging.

From my experience, I think the software is safe. I’m a naïve software user that’s always double-checking to ensure that nothing important is deleted without my approval, and within 5 months, nothing vital has been deleted. I like that I get a second pass too before any removal happens to decide whether I should go ahead with it. However, I must admit that it takes me a few minutes to confirm everything before deleting because the software doesn’t give a detailed report. Also, the fact that it doesn’t have an internal back-up tool means I have to have a separate one – not a problem though.

So, apart from the lack of a back-up tool and failure to provide a detailed scan report, which means more time to ascertain what’s important – this software is legit. I would like to see the inclusion of a back-up tool and more details on the scan report in the future. With the inclusion of these two features, CleanMyPC would undoubtedly be the best option, especially for its price range. Overall, I like the software, and I think it’s safe to use on your computer.

CleanMyPC Features

Having looked at what CleanMyPC is, why you need it, and the pricing, let’s now focus on the different tools that work together to improve your PC health. These are the features of the software:

My Computer Cleanup

As the software’s home section, My Computer scans the PC to find redundant files and reclaim storage. Once you click the “Clean” icon, this tool proceeds to take up and remove temporary files. It might take a while, especially if you haven’t recently cleaned the hard drive, but you can be sure of a thorough cleanup process. Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t give you the option of seeing the unnecessary files that are flagged for deletion.

You can set a limit on the recycle bin so that CleanMyPC can automatically empty it once it gets full. The tool also cleans attached USB devices with one click to save space on USB drives and external HDDs. I usually scan mine weekly, and it takes about two minutes to free up to 1.5GB of space on my data drive.

The My Computer Cleanup feature in CleanMyPC

Registry Maintenance

Like with the hard drive, I find CleanMyPC to be more thorough when repairing the registry. The scan is simple and straightforward, taking a few seconds to identify and fix a little over 100 registry issues. And while it’s hard to ascertain the effect of registry maintenance, it certainly makes your PC less susceptible to bugs while improving its performance.

The registry maintenance feature

Multi Uninstaller

One of the most common problems that computer users have when uninstalling programs is clearing the residual files. Luckily, CleanMyPC wipes off the intended app before coming back for the associated files and extensions. And while you don’t expect to reclaim a substantial amount of storage, the Uninstaller minimizes potential registry issues.

The process was pretty simple and a great option for people who don’t trust a program’s built-in uninstaller. Ultimately, it keeps your computer organized and well structured.

The uninstaller feature of CleanMyPC


Though similar to the sleep mode that’s available for Windows users and in most keyboards, hibernation helps to save power. However, unlike the sleep function that saves open files in RAM, it saves them in the hard drive, which consumes less power.


This tool helps to get rid of unwanted browser extensions and plugins neatly. What’s more, it provides a list of enabled and disabled extensions in all browsers for easy identification and removal. It’s especially effective in cleaning multiple browsers at once, and it only takes a few seconds to detangle cluttered add-ons.

The tool scans all the extensions, including those that are corrupted and which might be difficult to remove manually. By removing unneeded and corrupt extensions, CleanMyPC improves your browser’s responsiveness and overall performance.

The extensions feature


Longer boot-up times and consistent lags are some of the most common complaints, especially for people with older computers that haven’t been looked after. Most are the times that programs are added to the startup list and end up stretching the boot time. Most, if not all, of these programs, provide no real benefit to the user and only work to overload your system.

Using CleanMyPC’s Autorun tool, you can identify start-up programs that are active and choose which ones to disable. The list is well detailed and comes with an on-off switch beside every program for quick action execution.

The tool does a great job of identifying the programs and removing them. However, I’ve used different software before that allowed me to add programs with the tool. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the MacPaw’s software. For this reason, you’ll have to do it manually outside Clean My PC.


As one of the most important features for me, the Privacy tool allows you to manage information stored in installed browsers collectively. It gives your computer a refreshing start, ultimately improving your experience. Unlike the browser’s built-in options, My Clean PC makes the process easier and quicker. With the click of a button, you can clear caches, sessions, history, and cookies all at once.

The privacy feature


Lastly, the Shredder does what the name suggests. It effectively removes files and folders that you no longer find useful. What differentiates it from other functions is it has an intelligent function that identifies sensitive information. From password-protected files to financial records, the Shredder will not remove what you don’t want.

So, you have a file you want to be shredded? Use this tool to make it disappear without a trace.

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  • CCleaner: – Probably one of the longest-established systems, CCleaner is a downloadable software by Piriform that helps to get rid of unwanted files and repair registry issues. It was first launched in 2004 and has since grown over the years to cater for both Windows and Mac users. Moreover, it has a free version with multiple features like registry cleaning.
  • Glary Utilities: – This is another free and powerful utility that helps to fix and repair your computer. It cleans your hard drive and repairs registry issues to free up disk space and improve your PC’s performance. The interface is user-friendly, and the free version offers many tools to manage the computer’s performance.
  • AVG PC TuneUp: – It’s a single tune-up software that allows Windows users to clean and protect their PCs from malware. The software troubleshoots and optimizes your PC’s system to improve performance. What’s more, it contains more features than your regular disk cleanup software, rendering it more robust.

Clean My PC Review: Final Words

And that’s it, folks! CleanMyPC is an easy to use and efficient tune-up utility for your PC. It effectively wipes off temporary files, repairs registry entries, and removes unwanted browser extensions. The software removes files permanently with the Shredder while optimizing start-up programs to reduce boot time. And while the lack of an innate back-up tool is wanting, everything else, including pricing and performance points to a reliable program.

In terms of pricing, MacPaw offers 3 different plans to meet everyone’s specific needs. Whether you want to run the program on a single PC, two, or even 5 of them, the software is priced based on demand. Lastly, CleanMyPC boasts of an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes it easy and quick cleaning my PC. All the tools are easily accessible, and most functions are accomplished with the click of a button.

I’ve used it for a little over 5 months now, and I don’t plan on ditching it soon.

Trust me! It’s worth it.


Get CleanMyPC From MacPaw here >

In closing, I hope my CleanMyPC review was helpful when you’re making your choice. I also recommend that you look around our site to learn about other online software for small business owners. For example, our article about duplicate file finders. And, if you have any questions about this CleanMyPC reviews or something else, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail using my contact form.