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CleanMyMac X Review (2020 Edition)

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CleanMyMac is an application that makes cleaning your Mac seamless by monitoring the system daily and recommending data to purge. With just a click, you can free up space in unused apps, built up caches, mail attachments, and so much more. The year 2018 welcomed the major update of the macOS tool to CleanMyMax X which completely overhauled the interface, came with more amazing features, and most importantly simplified how you clear out your Mac’s junk.

CleanMyMac X is the 10th-anniversary edition of CleanMyMac that has continued to provide effective housekeeping services to Mac users. By deleting tons of junk and doing malware removal, millions of Mac users enjoy faster and more organized output globally. The all-in-one package helps you manage storage, apps, and monitor your Mac’s health.

This MacOS tool replaces dozens of unnecessary Mac optimization tools and is as dynamic as you want it to be: mac cleaner, malware detection, lifesaver, and performance monitor. The MacPaw’s innovation plays the role of your personal Mac genius flawlessly by offering you a full deck of speedup tools, managing Login items, freeing up RAM, and running maintenance scripts whenever your Mac stalls. This maintains the productivity of your machine, which in turn, translates to a productive day.

Let’s start looking at a CleanMyMac X Review summary for those of you that have limited time, and then move into more details.



CleanMyMac X Review Summary

  • Refurbished Design. The new version CleanMyMac X features a complete overhauled design. And though it has an all-over redesigned look, your favorite tools are still in the same place, and you won’t feel lost if you’re updating from version 3.
  • Malware Scanner. CleanMyMac X will do the dirty job for you by scanning through your files to check and remove viruses and malicious files that don’t belong.
  • Better Algorithms. This improved 10th-anniversary edition features a wide range of improvements based on how we use the program. It has an improved algorithm for scanning junk, which makes it effective and efficient in removing ‘foreigners’ who need not be there.
  • Personal Assistant. The personal assistant comes in to offer useful suggestions for clearing out junk, especially when you’re performing a scan. You can always find the personal assistant in the upper right corner of the window for suggestions.
  • Faster Scan. The CleanMyMac X update has an improved scan time (3x faster than predecessor), meaning it will take less time to pick and clear junk
  • Menu Redesign. The new Menu bar widget houses more information at a glance to give you a better understanding of the Mac. Information such as the hard drive space, the RAM you’re using, your trash status, processor load, and apps lagging it, network speeds, and the amount of space you’re using in Dropbox can be easily accessed on the all-new Menu bar widget.
  • Ease of Updating Apps. The latest update on CleanMyMac allows you to have a list of unused applications as well as those in and outside the Mac App Store that needs an update. Just click the update button and get down to business then and there.
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  • Sleek & well-organized user interface
  • Segmented Mac cleaning sections
  • Shredder feature securely erases sensitive data
  • Schedule routine cleaning
  • Free up RAM with 1-click
  • Malware removal tool keeps your Mac safe from harm
  • This latest version boasts of faster performance than the previous CleanMyMac versions (3x faster)
  • Just like other premium cleaners, CleanMyMac X can delete precious data if used incorrectly- safety checks help prevent this
  • There are free alternatives but they come with fewer features and a harder learning curve.


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What is CleanMyMac X?

CleanMyMac X is the latest update of the prolific MacOS program that effectively monitors your system daily to pick up and remove malware, viruses, unused apps, and other files that don’t belong. This 10th-anniversary edition is significantly faster, more efficient, and does an impeccable job of freeing up space to boost the speed and enhance the productivity of your Mac.

Do You Need CleanMyMac X?

Yes! Mac users need to have the CleanMyMac X app to maintain their computers and make them always feel as good as new. The all-in-one package eliminates all the junk you don’t need and makes your computer run faster. Here are a few reasons why you need one;

1. Cleans Up Your Mac to Free Up Storage.

The cleanup feature of CleanMyMac X

If you’ve noticed (I know you have), most computer models are priced differently because of their difference in storage space. Why? Well, hard disk space costs money, and it would be prudent to spend a few more dollars for more storage just to allow it to be wasted with hogwash that doesn’t belong.

The hard disk houses your documents, media files, system files, applications, and other important data. However, unnecessary working files pile up over time and end up occupying an insane chunk of space. This is where CleanMyMax X comes in- this intelligent tool identifies what is important and what is not by deleting the build-up to free up valuable hard drive. Some of the most common cleanups by the program include;

System Junk. This form of clean up targets the junk left behind by MacOS and your applications. Intelligently picking and removing the system junk not only frees up valuable space, but it also allows the operating system and applications to run smoothly and enhances your computer’s productivity.

After allowing Clean My Mac X to take charge of my hard drive, it only took about 46 seconds to pick up and clean 3.14 GB of system junk.

Mail Attachments. Unknown to many, mail attachments can build up and rack in some good chunk of space in your hard drive. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the attachments because I usually delete my documents once I’m done with them, and I like to have the assurance I can access them from the email (not that I actually do).

However, not everyone feels that way about the mail attachments. I ran a smart scan on mine, and I was astonished to learn they occupy around 2.15 GB of my storage space. I didn’t delete mine, but I’m aware of the amount of space I can redeem when the time comes.

Photo Junk. I wouldn’t call myself a photo guy, and most of my photos are in my iPhone X (great shots btw), but I have a few in my Mac. After scanning, I found around 0.75 GB of wasted space due to the photos App that I really didn’t need. Just one tap, and it’s gone!

The photo junk feature

iTunes Junk. iTunes is a jack of all trades, which makes it a bloated app, taking up lots of unnecessary hard drive space. From the music to the videos and the old iPhone and iPad backups. I don’t use my Mac to play music and videos very much, but I was shocked to learn there was 4.65 GB of wasted storage space, which I was glad to clean up.

Trash bins junk. Just like life gives you second chances, the trash bins save documents and files that you think you don’t need. And while sometimes we’re wrong and end up restoring them, most are the times you really don’t need them in your computer. This junk can pile up over time and take up valuable storage space.

I usually download a lot of content and take lots of screenshots which mostly find their way in the trash bin once I’m finished. During the Clean My Mac X reviews, I ran a smart scan and recovered about 94 MB of storage- not much but still not worth wasting.

2. Protect Your Mac from Malware

The protection feature

One of the reasons I like my Mac is the strong security mechanisms put in place by Apple to detect and remove malware. However, I need the next layer of protection in the form of Clean My Mac X to wade off hackers and vandals.

While viruses account for a small percentage of Mac’s problems, scanning and doing malware removal regularly is a great step towards taking care of your computer. Also, CleanMyMac enhances your Mac’s security by deleting sensitive information like chat logs, browsing history, auto-fill forms, and others. By doing this, there’s less information about you that can be used for identity theft in the event hackers compromised your computer.

I’m unbothered because I usually refer to my old chats and browsing history more often and wouldn’t really delete them. However, I scanned to see what I was dealing with, and in just a few seconds, CleanMyMac X identified 34,201 items considered as a privacy threat. Most of them included auto-fill forms, cookies, browsing history, recently opened documents, old chats, and so much more.

I didn’t focus much on them, but it’s important to know I can always keep tabs and remove what I want to.

3. Speed Up Your Mac

The optimization feature of CleanMyMac X

Just like any other tech product, your Mac will not forever feel and be as responsive as it was when you bought it. The good news is; the speed and responsiveness of your computer can be maintained with a single click. CleanMyMac X maintains your computer’s optimal configuration and reverses the degradation to enhance productivity. The productivity can be seen with the boot time, the responsiveness of applications, and the general speed.

To successfully speed up your Mac and save you the frustrating lags, CleanMyMac X works to optimize the available space to create more room and spur performance. The program intelligently identifies apps that might be offsetting background processes unnecessarily, without your knowledge, and gives you an option of whether to continue running or not.

A quick scan picked up 34 processes, most of which were affiliated to some of the applications I use daily during my work such as Skype and Adobe. I really don’t have a problem with these processes, and so I move on. CleanMyMac X also has a set of scripts that enhance system performance optimization by monitoring the health of your hard disk at all times. The scripts repair permissions to promote the smooth running of the apps and re-index Mac’s database to enhance fast searches.

4. Clean Up Your Applications

The application cleanup feature

CleanMyMac X perfectly groups your applications to give you an insight into the action to execute. Firstly, the program provides an uninstaller that removes applications you no longer find useful while powerfully scanning the mess to ensure all the files affiliated to the specific apps are removed. Secondly, it provides you with a list of ‘Unused apps’ which you can go through and do away with the ones that you don’t find useful. Also, CleanMyMac X presents you with a list ‘Leftovers’ which are files left on the computer after an app is installed.

After a quick scan, I found out I had a couple of applications I hadn’t used in a couple of months and had to uninstall a few. The program also removed 67 leftover files to bring the total freed space to 4.95 GB.

CleanMyMac X also scans your applications to identify the outdated ones and prompt an update to keep things running smoothly. With the program, I can also manage my system extensions and widgets from a central location, which is quite helpful for me.

5. Clean Up the Files

The file cleanup feature

CleanMyMac X also gives you a variety of ways to manage your files from one location. By grouping the files based on their size or period of stay. large old files occupy a lot of space, and old files may no longer be needed. From here, you can decide what to keep and what to lose, depending on its relevance. Also, CleanMyMac X has a document shredder feature which deletes traces of documents left once a file is deleted. This way, the traces cannot be recovered.

I ran a quick scan, and there was nothing much here- I usually keep tabs of my documents once in a while.

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Is CleanMyMac X Safe?

For a long time, Mac users were skeptical about taking up any foreign cleaning software because of the controversies surrounding the subject. Not long ago, there was a malicious attack towards MacKeeper which posed a software dubbed MacDefender through promotional advertising. People who fell for the scheme counted losses as the scammers infiltrated their information shortly after the campaign.

Also, most software that guarantees to optimize the system performance is indulgent when it comes to removing documents that don’t belong and instead focus on deleting files to free as much space as possible. As a result, Mac users usually report loss of important and sensitive files, something that can be seen on Mac users’ forums online advising people to stay away.

Having carried out research for many years, MacPaw set out to develop a program that efficiently scanned the Mac’s system to intelligently pick what isn’t important, remove it, and flag potential valuable data for further evaluation before executing optimization. The legendary CleanMyMac X, which has been updated to enhance its efficiency, uses a proprietary database guided by operational rules and set out exceptions to eliminate potential cleaning mistakes.

CleanMyMac X uses this list as a reference to make sure it’s always on point and avoid any surprises. Additionally, the program will require you to manually review the files when it deems them potentially valuable. You’ll also get a warning alert when you attempt to do away with a file deemed critical to the Mac OS X. So is CleanMyMac X safe? Yes if you’re using CleanMyMac X as intended and follow the instructions from MacPaw, it should be perfectly safe to use.

CleanMyMac X Pricing

Next in my CleanMyMac X review, let’s talk about pricing. First and foremost, MacPaw has constantly released new updates of the CleanMyMac program to improve the user experience and implement common concerns. The updates come with limitations and minimum system requirements to enhance the smooth running of the program.

Here are the current specifications required to run the Clean My Mac X application successfully;

  • Mac OS X 10.10+
  • 50MB+ free disk space

For Mac users with an earlier macOS version, I’d recommend upgrading to a newer version of the Operating System to enjoy CleanMyMacX.

CleanMyMac X Pricing and Licenses

On the pricing and subscriptions, CleanMyMac X is available on very flexible and consumer-considerate payment plans- you can either pay for an annual subscription, a one-time purchase, or a Settap subscription. To me, I think the new subscription options are two-pronged. Firstly, it gives Mac users the freedom and flexibility around pricing while also providing a way for the developers to provide new features and enhancements to improve your experience.

CleanMyMac X offers a Free Trial for new users to have a feel of the experience (only cleans up to 500MB). Here are the payment options for CleanMyMac X;

  • $89.95 one-time payment. It only covers minor software updates and you might have to pay more for major updates.
  • $39.95 annual subscription- paid once
  • $9.99 monthly subscription- Mac users also get access to 100+ other Mac applications.

MacPaw also offers a plan for people with multiple devices, either at home or in the office, where users can get multiple licenses for a fraction of the price of 1 license.

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CleanMyMac X vs CleanMyMac 3

According to MacPaw, the CleanMyMac X application is a whole new program that does 3x more than what the predecessor, CleanMyMac 3 would. The super-mega-awesome version of the app, as the developer calls it;

  • Effectively picks and removes malware
  • Improves your Mac’s speed with new, innovative tools
  • Intelligently picks junk in more places
  • Seamlessly updates your applications- even those outside the Mac App Store.
  • Gives personalized suggestions and recommendations through the personal assistant

And after my Clean My Mac reviews, I can assure you MacPaw listened to our grievances in their new update. CleanMyMac X is much easier to use, features boosted performance, and improved icons, sound, and animations.

CleanMyMac X Features

Since the release of the CleanMyMac application, MacPaw has had numerous shots to refine the program and address the users’ major concerns to improve the performance gains and maintain a smooth user experience. Some of the most notable new features I found include;

1. Cleaning

  • CleanMyMac X carries out an in-depth scan with a single click to pick and remove unutilized files to free up valuable hard disk space
  • The application flags large old files and prompts you to manually review them and ascertain their importance before optimization to avoid accidental removal of sensitive data and, most importantly free up more space
  • The intelligent feature of the program allows for CleanMyMac X to run files through a set of rules and exceptions to pick what’s important and what doesn’t belong immaculately
  • CleanMyMac X works in conjunction with other MacOS applications like iTunes, Skype, Mail, among others to pick up and remove cached files, incomplete downloads, undetected backups, trash bins, previous updates and other unnecessary hogwash flooding your hard disk.
  • Space Lens is a brand new feature in CleanMyMac X that builds a detailed map of all your storage space, making it not only super easy to clean but also fascinating to explore.

The results of the scan

2. Maintenance

  • The application uses the Shredder function to remove traces of deleted data permanently so that it cannot be retrieved
  • It helps you manage widgets, plugins, and extensions from a central location
  • It re-indexes disk permissions and optimizes the Mail search to improve your Mac’s speed
  • The program allows you to pick and delete personal information such as the browsing history, auto-fill forms, old chats, call history, recently opened files, and more to reduce the chances of identity theft, in the event hackers compromise your Mac (very unlikely).
  • It has a powerful uninstaller to uninstall unwanted applications and sweeps all the files linked to the affected applications

3. Protection

  • It maintains an updated database of potential threats which is used to scan and secure your Mac at all times
  • Effectively removes any malicious files in the system
  • Removes sensitive information like online and offline activity to keep off invaders

4. Activity Reporting

  • Sends notifications and recommended actions concerning system issues like freeing up RAM, full trash bin, among others.
  • Receive health alerts regarding your Mac’s health including the hardware temperature, storage limits, among others
  • Access well-organized reports on your Mac’s processor performance, battery usage, memory, and many more
The results of the cleanup
The screenshot shows the result of the cleanup


Having used Mac fulltime since 2012, I’m one of the guys who always dismissed apps like CleanMyMac X. Why do I even need it? I mean, I can hover around different files on my computer and manually delete what I don’t want. That should be easy. Right? Apple even offered an innate Mac Cleaner since macOS Sierra, another reason I didn’t feel like having another app to help with housekeeping was necessary.

After years of convincing from a friend to try out CleanMyMac, I finally gave in and I must admit I love how easier it is to use than hovering through your computer to remove old files and unused apps, clear cache, delete cookies, and free up memory. I’ve used this MacOS tool for over a year now and I can’t point out a moment it slowed me down or automatically deleted a file it shouldn’t have. I found this update to only came to solidify my undying love for the tool with the notable improvements on junk scan, search, and many more.

In short, this software is a true game-changer for any Mac user looking to maintain their computer’s health and enhance its productivity in the long run. This application offers a wide range of easy-to-use tools that work in a jiffy to free up valuable space in your hard disk, increase the speeds, improve the performance of other apps, and keep your Mac private and secure.

And though some people might find the pricing higher than its competitors, MacPaw offers flexible payment plans to meet the varying needs of the global market. And, with the controversy that surrounds Mac cleaning software, we’d recommend paying a few more dollars for an application which has been tried and tested over time.

I strongly believe that the benefits of CleanMyMac X are worth the pricing. With a pleasant, friction-free interface, this program will immaculately pick and clean junk in your hard disk, without deleting important and sensitive data. Additionally, the latest update boasts of improved performance up to 3 times that of the predecessor.

A clean Mac is a productive Mac! And remember, the productivity trickles down to you and your output.

Stay Clean!


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PS: In closing, I hope my review was helpful when you’re making your choice. I also recommend that you look around our site to learn about other online software for small business owners. For example our CleanMyPC review and dr.fone review articles.