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5 Best Slideshow Makers in 2020

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A slideshow maker is a tool for creating professional presentations. And not only for business purposes; a versatile video editing tool will make special occasions like weddings and birthdays more memorable.

Whatever your needs are, a video and photo slideshow maker that delivers professional and quality results is something you want to use.

Luckily, there are plenty of great tools to choose from. And we have tested the leading names to investigate which is the best photo slideshow maker in 2020. First, I’ll talk about each tool in detail, and then I’ll give my recommendations towards the end.

Let’s dive right in!


Top 5 Best Slideshow Makers in 2020

Best Overall: Filmora

Screenshot from Filmora slideshow maker

Filmora is my favorite slideshow software. You can make beautiful, professional-quality videos quickly and easily. From your desktop or mobile device. And with a broad range of professional video and audio editing features, motion graphics, and visual effects, you can make any kind of video you can imagine.

Furthermore, if you want to make a square video for Instagram, make a video off of your screen captures for online courses and tutorials, make videos from your Facebook content, or meme yourself with a gif, you can do it all with Filmora. However, video production professionals may find some desired features lacking. But, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for casual users and beginners.

In my opinion, Filmora is the best slideshow maker for beginners. Mostly because of the low prices and ease of use. And since they also have one of the best social media integration, Filmora is also the best slideshow program for social media marketers.

Filmora Pricing: Ranging from FREE to $59.99 for a lifetime plan. They also have a lifetime business plan for $139.99, and special prices for students.

Read our full Filmora review here.


  • Simple and easy to use. Filmora is designed for people who have never used video editing tools before. With simple and intuitive tools to create high-quality videos.
  • Filters and overlays. Filters and overlays can add a vintage feel to videos, add lens flares or film grain, or create moods with colors. Filmora filters are as easy as those in popular phone apps.
  • Text and titles. Easily add a variety of text to images, to use as titles, openers, or subtitles.
  • Motion elements. Drag and drop animated motion elements into your video, with subjects and styles covering a wide range of looks and themes. You can even add a camera shake.
  • Transitions. Add transition effects between images or video clips with stylish looks that add to the feel of your video. A variety of fades, wipes, and effects are available.
  • Effects store. Filmora has a marketplace full of special effects and film elements to further enhance your videos.
  • Resolution up to 4K. Create ultra-high-resolution videos with a professional look. Or make gifs for small, sharable files on nearly any platform.
  • Audio control. Filmora allows you to mix and filter audio as well as video. Hence, removing background noise and enhancing audio clarity. You can even separate audio from video to edit tracks individually.
  • Social import. You can export and share your videos on social media. And, import social files as well and incorporate them into your videos.
  • Advanced editing. You can preview audio and video tracks frame by frame for precision, or pan and zoom still images for enhanced motion. Filmora supports up to 5 text tracks and 10 music tracks in your timeline. All with video stabilization, green screen, and color keying.
  • Control aspect ratio. Make square or portrait videos, with no black frame.


  • Very affordable prices and ease of use make Filmora great for beginners.
  • In addition to being the best photo slideshow software, Filmora is also a great and versatile video editor.
  • Professional quality with 300+ effects, filters, transitions, and graphics you might see in a broadcast production.
  • And, Filmora is a great photo slideshow maker software with music integration, supporting features like sophisticated audio filters, controls, and track mixing.
  • While Filmora does have mobile versions, the interface isn’t very touchscreen-friendly and it works better from a desktop.

Get Filmora Here!



Screenshot from Animoto

Another favorite is Animoto. It’s extremely easy to use, even for someone who has never made a video before. The drag-and-drop functionality, streamlined interface, and fast and simple export settings allow almost anyone to create an attractive, professional-looking video in just minutes.

Animoto Pricing: Ranging from $16 to $64 per month depending on feature and plan. Animoto also has a 14-day free trial. And the prices are nearly cut in half when billed annually instead of monthly.

Read our full Animoto review here.


  • Storyboard themes. An Animoto video project begins with choosing from dozens of existing storyboard themes. These storyboards are templates for the look, style, and timing of your finished video. Moreover, theme styles include editorial, promotional, how-to, and more.
  • Easy media library. Upload your own images, videos, animations, graphics, and more. And simply drag and drop them into the Animoto library.
  • Text customization. Add custom text to your video, and adjust the size, font, placement, and even animation of your text. Moreover, you can create collages and split-screen images to add dynamic elements to your video.
  • Great photo slideshow maker with music integration. Choose from Animoto’s library of hundreds of music tracks that you can use with no concern about licensing, to make your video more appealing.
  • Reviewing tools. Your video in progress can be downloaded or sent by email if you want to get a second opinion before posting or sharing it.
  • Export and share. A finished video can be easily exported and shared directly with several platforms, including social media accounts and HubSpot. Furthermore, Animoto has custom export settings for all major social media networks, so your video can take full advantage of the features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Reseller license. Professional and business users of Animoto not only can sell the videos they create with the platform, but they can also sell video creation services to their personal and business clients. With Animoto, businesses can expand their service offerings to include high-quality, sharable videos ideal for social media and video marketing campaigns.


  • As one of the best slideshow software, Animoto is fast and easy to use.
  • Specific settings and options for different social media channels.
  • Reseller license expands a business’ service offerings and earning potential with a very low investment.
  • Many of the music tracks sound generic and bland.
  • No ability to store settings or preferences.
  • You can’t duplicate your existing video projects to use as a template for future videos.
  • No ability to customize transitions within the theme.
  • Unfortunately, Animoto is not a free slideshow maker.

Get Animoto Here!



Screenshot from Powtoon

Next on our best slideshow maker list, we have the Powtoon review. Animation, whiteboard videos, and multimedia visuals are traditionally expensive and time-consuming to produce. But Powtoon makes it fast and easy to do on your own. And the ability to modify templates and create multiple versions of your videos makes it fast and easy to do A/B testing, customize videos for different social channels, or create ongoing storylines in your videos.

Furthermore, the variety of templates and styles for education and training, marketing, and advertising, even HR and IT departments makes it easy to use Powtoon for internal communications as well as for customer-facing videos.

Powtoon Pricing: Ranging from FREE version to $197 per month depending on feature and plan. Powtoon also has an Agency plan that’s billed annually for $1,188. Finally, the Pro and Pro+ plans are available for a 69-79% discount if billed annually instead of monthly, bringing the monthly cost for a Pro plan down to $19 per month. And Pro+ to just $59 per month.


  • Wide variety of video styles. Your videos can be live-action, whiteboard style, animated, or mixed media style, for a wide range of looks.
  • Simple to use. Drag-and-drop styles make it as easy to create a custom Powtoon video as it is to make a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Templates. Powtoon has a library of done-for-you, ready-made templates customized for marketing, education, and more. And you can customize content and templates, and produce multiple versions of your videos.
  • Easy sharing. With simple integrations, your Powtoon videos can be exported and uploaded directly to social media accounts, Ads Manager, HubSpot, YouTube, and more.


  • First, they have a huge variety of visual styles to choose from for your video.
  • And the tool is simple to use.
  • Streamlined workflow makes videos and versioning.
  • Finally, simple export and share directly to social media or advertising channels.
  • Very minor downside, but Powtoon should only be used with Chrome.

Get Powtoon Here!



Screenshot from Kizoa

Kizoa is available as both an online slideshow maker or as an app, and has a huge range of features and customization options. The ability to edit your videos without being constrained by a template is an advantage for more advanced users who want to create unique videos and don’t need the support of a template.

Furthermore, the high resolution, raw file storage, and unlimited storage space make it an excellent choice for photographers. However, in our Kizoa review, we found it may be a bit confusing for complete newcomers. But, it’s still a strong choice for great slideshows and videos.

Kizoa Pricing: Ranging from FREE to $299.99 for a lifetime plan.


  • Template or no template. With the Kizoa online video editor, you can choose from dozens of their existing templates. Or create your own video project from scratch. You can even customize a template to use for future projects.
  • Special effects. Kizoa has a library of hundreds of special effects and transitions.
  • Custom text. Easily add still or animated text to your video.
  • Gifs. Include existing gifs or make your own.
  • 4K resolution. With Kizoa, you can use ultra-HD video files, and export ultra HD 4K files.
  • Simple sharing. You can easily download or email your videos, export them directly to Facebook or YouTube, or embed them into a blog. You can even burn your videos to a DVD.
  • Unlimited raw file storage. With some Kizoa plans, you not only get unlimited file storage, but you can store raw image files in nearly any raw image format. Hence, you never compress more than you need to.


  • First, the one-time cost of Kizoa is an interesting alternative to similar packages, which are usually priced by ongoing subscription. For long-term use, it has the potential to save quite a lot of money.
  • And they have great customization settings available to make your videos your own.
  • 4K resolution.
  • Commercial use and reseller licenses available.
  • Finally, RAW file formats are great for professionals.
  • May be slightly too complex for complete amateurs.

Get Kizoa Here!



Screenshot from Moovly

Last on our best slideshow maker list we have the Moovly review. Moovly has support for professional stock image and video library which makes it easy to produce a professional-looking video. Even if you have limited source material.

Furthermore, drag-and-drop animated elements, visual style effects, and charts make it simple to use for presentations, social media, video marketing, and more.

Moovly Pricing: A pro plan for $24.92 a month when billed yearly, or $49 a month when billed monthly. They also have an Enterprise plan for $125 per month which is only available with annual billing. The Enterprise plan is available at a 50% discount for teachers, students, or educational institutions. Finally, Animoto also has a 30-day free trial.


  • Template or no template. You can choose a Moovly template for your video project. Or start a custom project from scratch.
  • Simple animation. You can just drag and drop to add animation to your video project.
  • Video styles. You can make live-action videos, whiteboard animations, or choose from a library of animated characters, charts, and animated objects.
  • Export and share. You can easily download and share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, or in the public Moovly Gallery.
  • Video library. You don’t even have to use your own video. You can browse and choose from a library of over 175 million video clips, animated objects, or sound files.
  • Square shaped videos. You can change the aspect ratio of your project to create square videos for social media.


  • First, Moovly is simple and easy to use.
  • And they have an enormous library of videos, images, graphics, and sounds.
  • Finally, animated videos and whiteboard videos are extremely popular.
  • Shutterstock images are previewed in the library and available at a discount for subscribers. But, still need to be purchased before you can use them in your videos.
  • Moovly customer support is slow and not very responsive to standard members.
  • And Moovly can be glitchy to use. Either it times out on uploads and downloads, or needs frequent refreshing if your timeline has a lot of elements in it. And is prone to other small issues.
  • Unfortunately, not a free slideshow maker.

Get Moovly Here!


Best Slideshow Maker 2020 – Conclusion

While all these online video and photo slideshow makers have great features with appeal to different users, the best slideshow creator is Filmora.

  • First, Filmora has the ease of use and simple template structure of many online editing programs. But also has the special effects, filters, and custom transitions to make a video truly unique and special.
  • And filters are playing an increasingly important role in social video, because people are so familiar with filters used in social images. The wide range and capabilities of Filmora filters means that you can give your videos a special look and style that is compatible with other forms of social media. And augment branding and commercial appeal.
  • The ability to export square formats, gifs, 4K video, and everything in between makes Filmora the best photos slideshow software for almost any video project, with almost every possible distribution channel. Square video is dominating social media for a reason, as it uses the interface most effectively. And it’s great to have a native square video editor.
  • Moreover, audio controls are incredibly important in quality videos. And something that most online editing programs neglect. Filmora has tools to make your video not only look great, but sound great as well.


  • Finally, the effects store is a great way to find just the right video effect you need without having to create it. It expands the core capabilities of Filmora in an exciting way

And with all these features, you would expect Filmora to be more expensive than its competitors. But, it’s actually priced extremely competitively. And, if you’re ok with their basic features it’s actually a free slideshow creator.

Finally, Filmora excels at making presentations, marketing videos, and portfolio videos. But, it is truly optimized for social media, where it is built to shine. Simply put, it’s the best video slideshow maker out there right now!

Get Filmora Here!



PS: In closing, I hope my best photo slideshow maker review was helpful when you’re making your choice. I also recommend that you look around our site to learn about other small business software. For example our best online course platforms articles. And if you have any questions about my best slideshow maker review, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail using our contact form.


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    I enjoy using Filmora for its easy interface and lots of options. Plus, the inclusion of music. But I usually create my intros/outros with PixTeller then add them to the video. It a very good online tool for such videos.

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