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The Best Duplicate File Finder in 2019 (Free and Paid)

best duplicate file finder

Every PC comes with a fair share of issues, some of which come inscribed in it, and others which develop over time. Whether programming-related or user-instigated, these system issues take up unnecessary space in your hard disk. And subsequently slow down your computer. However, with the sustained improvements in the tech industry, coding issues are not much of a problem anymore, as they are eliminated during the quality control stage. Or fixed as soon as they’re identified.

User-instigated issues, however, continue to be a pain in the ass because they emanate from the user’s behavior and habits. They don’t have a time-frame and usually tend to present themselves from time to time. And because we are all wired differently and have different sets of habits, the issues might differ from one user to the other.

However, there are issues that most people resonate with mostly because of similar habits like the usual downloads from the internet, multiple backup creations, among others. One such issue that you’ll find in almost all computer systems is the presence of duplicate files. Whether its photos from your latest family cookout or a word document you’ve been working on, having multiple copies of the same file in your PC is something most of us have lived with.

The duplicate files are a problem not only because they clutter your storage space. But also because they might cause unnecessary lags, especially when the specific file is large. Your computer system doesn’t come with an innate tool to handle these tasks. And it’s close to impossible to manually go through all your folders to pick and get rid of the duplicates. Without a quality third-party Duplicate File Finder, your only option is running a search for a specific file and manually deleting the duplicates that appear. And not only is the method time consuming but it’s also inconvenient because you can’t do away with the duplicates unless you know the specific files to look for.

Over the years, I’ve covered numerous ways to recover space on your hard drive to provide extra space for your apps to run and eliminate unnecessary lags. Identifying and deleting duplicate files is a legit way to free space and enhance the smooth running of your PC.

Pro Tip; When searching for duplicate files on your PC, concentrate your search to your user folders and not the OS folders to avoid removing important files that might affect the stability and performance of your computer.

Review Summary Table

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 NamePlatformPriceMy Rating
best duplicate file finder
(My #1 Pick)
Gemini 2
Mac OSFrom $19.954.6 out of 5 stars
best duplicate file finder
Easy Duplicate FinderMac OS
Windows OS
From $39.954.4 out of 5 stars
best duplicate file finder
Duplicate SweeperMac OS
Windows OS
From $204.2 out of 5 stars
best duplicate file finder
Duplicate Cleaner ProWindows OSFrom $38 4.2 out of 5 stars
best duplicate file finder
Tidy Up 5Mac OSFrom $29.994 out of 5 stars
best duplicate file finder
Wise Duplicate FinderWindows OSFrom $24.944 out of 5 stars


What are Duplicate File Finders?

A Duplicate File Finder can be defined as a tool that’s used to find duplicate files over a home or corporate network. This tool runs a deep search on your computer to pick and compare duplicate file contents regardless of the filename. The list of duplicate files can either be removed, copied, or moved.

So, how do duplicate files find their way on your system? Just like we’d mentioned earlier, it all comes to personal behavior and habits. Here are some of the common reasons for the presence of redundant files;

  • Sharing the same file various time, either via email or IM
  • Creating multiple image backup sets
  • Downloading multiple copies of the same file
  • Copying the same folder on multiple locations

Do You Need a Duplicate File Finder?

Yes! Just like you need an anti-virus for your computer, a Duplicate File Finder is equally important. Whether it’s redundant files you might have downloaded from the internet multiple times or duplicate files scattered all over your home or corporate network, you might be wasting a lot of space without even knowing it. So, yes. You need a quality software to seep through the debris and recover wasted hard disk space. A good Duplicate File Finder will intelligently pick redundant videos, photos, music, and other documents that don’t belong and allow you to review the scan results.

This essential tool will help speed up indexing and most importantly, reduce back up size and time. Removing the redundancy optimizes your computer and makes it run just like it used to when you first had it. Here are some of the key features of a Duplicate File Checker;

  • Powerful search engines- provides a byte by byte comparison to enhance accuracy and fast identification of duplicate file regardless of the filename
  • Effectively identifies files with similar content or name
  • Can search your local PC and over a network (home or corporate)
  • Works with removable storage devices like an external hard disk

Whether free or purchased, the main values of a third-party Duplicate File Checker are saving time and effectiveness. And while this tool is recommended to all computer users, here are some of the scenarios which might signal the need for an ideal Duplicate File Software;

  • Your computer is running out of disk space
  • Your computer is regularly lagging
  • You regularly transfer files from your phone or photos and videos from your camera to your computer
  • You often sync media files between your mobile devices and your PC
  • Your hard drive is full of redundant files and folders
  • You back up your iOS devices with media players like iTunes

How to Choose the Ideal Duplicate File Finder for Your PC

Determining which tool is the best for identifying and removing redundant files can be a challenge mostly because different companies produce different tools targeting a specific audience. However, there are basic attributes that define an ideal Duplicate File Finder regardless of your tech-savvy status. Here are some of the things to consider when picking the right redundant files finder;

  1. The depth and accuracy of the search: An ideal Duplicate File Finder is one that carries out a thorough search to identify and effectively lift off files that don’t belong. It should be specific during scanning to not only pick files with identical names but also content. The software should have a few instructions to help you personalize the scan specifically to the areas you want. You should be able to focus on a specific folder, drive, app, and set the desired file size and type.
  1. Customization of the Searching Methods: Different software have different lengths at which you can customize your search. A software with a highly customizable search helps to find duplicate files more easily and efficiently. By allowing you to narrow down to the specific file extension, name, size, and time, the tool is able to dredge more duplicate files. And while the main value of a Duplicate File Finder is saving time, having a customizable one saves more time for you.
  1. The results before scanning: Just like any other application or software designed to free space on your hard drive, showing you the results of the scan is very important. And while the Duplicate File Finder will rarely dredge unintended files, showing the results beforehand allows you to compare the contents in specific files and avoid loss of important files. This feature is important, especially when deleting photos as it allows you to keep similar copies that you may not want to delete.
  1. The Flexibility of the tool: Whether knowingly or not, losing important files can be disheartening and costly, especially over network storage. For this reason, we recommend a Duplicate File Finder with the restore option in case you do away with something you shouldn’t. Also, some software will provide you with the option of moving the duplicate files to a specific temporary folder before deleting. So, choose a tool that allows for easy reversal of the files if the need arises.
  1. The Ease of Use: The Duplicate File Finder you choose to use should have a user-friendly interface with little technical know-how required to operate. Nobody wants to spend unending hours battling a software whose core value is supposed to make your work easier.
  1. Compatibility with your computer’s OS: Depending on the version of the operating system you’re using, you’ll need to consider the compatibility of the software to enhance a smooth running experience. So, whether you’re using a Windows or MacOS computer, the Duplicate File Finder must be one that will run smoothly with the specific version of the OS.

Reviews of the Best Duplicate File Finders

As stressed earlier, having a good Duplicate File Finder is important as it helps to free extra disk space while providing more space for the smooth running of your applications. This tool also speeds up indexing and reduces backup size and time.

Having looked at what Duplicate File Finders are, how to choose one, and why you need one for your PC, we’ll now shed light on some of the best duplicate file finders available on the market;

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac: Gemini 2 4.6 out of 5 stars

This image shows Gemini 2 which is the best duplicate file finder in my review

Multi-purpose Duplicate Finder- Developed by the creators of the renowned CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2 is curated to dredge for redundant files and remove them to free space and enhance your computer’s performance. This software is arguably the best on the market for Mac users, thanks to its multi-purpose function. Unlike regular Duplicate File Finders which focus solely on your computer’s hard drive, Gemini 2 goes the extra mile to remove duplicates from external storages, cloud storages, and network storages. So, sit back and let the software remove the files from wherever they are.

Fully Customizable Finder. Gemini 2 features in-built smart algorithms that track and retain your choices. The software gives you a range of search options to improve the scan accuracy and enhance the effectiveness of the process. The customization function also allows for precise searching, especially when you have an idea of the specific file you wish to remove. By allowing you to key in the file name, size, and location, Gemini 2 makes the process seamless and effective.

It allows you to Review the Results. Unlike regular Duplicate File Finders which search and automatically delete duplicate files that don’t belong, Gemini 2 provides you with the search results before executing the removal process. And while the software intelligently picks exact duplicates which are absolutely identical and with the same weight, the list of the results helps to instill the extra trust before removing the redundant files.

Spot and Shred Similar Files. Whether it’s those photos you took on your vacation which only bear a slight difference in angle or your favorite mp3 songs which have a different bitrate, this Mac File Finder will make it easy to pick and delete duplicate files. Photo bursts may be a pain in the ass, especially when you don’t know you have 500 similar photos. So, why waste time deleting one at a time, when this software can do it in a jiffy?

Pro Tip; When using the software to scan your Mac, we recommend quitting other apps to avoid overheating. Gemini 2 is quite demanding to run concurrently with other apps.


  • It effectively detects tons of duplicates on your Mac
  • It detects similar files on the hard drive, external drives, cloud storage, and network storage
  • Intelligent file categorization makes review extra easy
  • User-friendly interface simplifies navigation


  • The ‘gamification’ feature can be distracting

Why Gemini 2 is the Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac…?

Gemini 2 is an intelligent MacPaw’s Duplicate File Finder that boasts of high-end effectiveness and customization. This software intelligently categorizes files into either similar or duplicate to allow for easier review and removal. The multi-purpose software removes redundant files from multiple sources and gives you a list of search results for review after scanning your Mac. It’s also easy to use and features a sleek interface that’s easy to navigate.

Get Gemini 2 Here!


Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows: Easy Duplicate Finder 4.4 out of 5 stars

This image shows Easy Duplicate Finder which is one of the best duplicate file finder in my review

Fully Customizable Finder. Easy Duplicate Finder features a powerful build that offers you 10+ scan modes and search methods for advanced file management. With the wide range of scan options, you can specifically search for a given file, which in turn enhances the accuracy of the process. By allowing you to use the file name, size, location, and other particulars, this software dredges and lifts off all the redundant files from your Windows computer without fail.

It Allows you to Compare Files by Content. Unlike regular Duplicate Finders, Easy Duplicate Finder gives you the option of either trusting the system or counter checking to verify. After every scan, the software lines up the list of duplicate files found for you to compare them by content. This feature gives you the extra confidence and assurance that you’ll never lose important files on your computer.

Multi-purpose Duplicate Finder- Most Duplicate Finders on the market are designed to fish out redundancy in your hard drive only. However, for the Easy Duplicate Finder, the job doesn’t stop here but instead moves on to other areas prone to duplicate files. The software effectively weeds our files that don’t belong from cloud storages like Google Drive and Dropbox as well.

Easy to Use Interface. During my Easy Duplicate Finder review, I noticed the sleek interface. The intelligent software uses smart technology to identify true duplicates, and not just those of the same type, size, and extension. The Folder Comparison Mode picks one folder and uses it as a master copy to compare others against it.


  • Fast and easy to use user-interface
  • Effectively manages multiple duplicate documents
  • Allows for file comparison by content
  • Intelligent and accurate search engine
  • Scans online storages like Google Drive and Dropbox


  • You have to buy the software to delete more than 10 duplicates

Why Easy Duplicate Finder is the best duplicate file finder for Windows…?

This software is arguably the best there is for Windows users. Easy Duplicate Finder features 10+ scan modes and search methods to enhance personalization and accuracy of the process. The software scans for duplicates in cloud storages and has an easy to use user-interface. This tool also has a restore button to undo accidental file removal.

Get Duplicate Finder


Runner Up #1 (Mac & Windows): Duplicate Sweeper 4.2 out of 5 stars

This image shows Duplicate Sweeper which is one of the best duplicate file finder in my review

Multi-purpose Duplicate Finder- Other than being a high-end Duplicate File Finder for Windows and Mac users, Duplicate Sweeper does an impeccable job removing redundant files from the hard drive and cloud storage. Whether its photos, documents, videos, or backup sets, this incredible software will weed them out from wherever they are.

Fully Customizable. Duplicate Sweeper uses a smart search algorithm to intelligently pick specified duplicates for a swift removal process. Regardless of the file name, duplicates can be identified by comparing the content, which makes the process seamless in its entirety. The software gives you a wide range of scan and search options for a personalized feel and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Allows you to Preview Your Files. During my Duplicate Sweeper review I noticed the handy viewer, which details the duplicate files for a quick and effective comparison. And while the software uses smart algorithms to only flag what doesn’t belong, the preview viewer gives you the assurance that you’ll not lose important files during the cleaning process.

Sleek, Easy-to-Use Interface. The Duplicate Sweeper has a user-friendly interface that’s extra easy to navigate. This Mac and Windows software makes finding, selecting, and removing duplicate files, extra quick and easy. You can choose to either have the duplicates removed automatically, which is faster or carry out a review of the results before removing those that don’t belong. The duplicates are moved to the Recycle bin or the Trash, allowing you to restore them in case you accidentally remove important files.


  • Effectively lifts off redundant files even if they don’t have the same filename
  • Fully customizable for a quick and effective scanning exercise
  • Categorizes search results in groups based on the location
  • Shows a 3D graphical representation of all the duplicates to help you identify the areas with most redundant files


  • The demo mode does not delete found duplicate

Get Duplicate Sweeper


Runner Up #2 (Windows): Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4.2 out of 5 stars

This image shows Duplicate Cleaner Pro which is one of the best duplicate file finder in my review

All-in-one Solution. Regardless of the nature of duplicates your computer might be having, the Duplicate Cleaner Pro knows no boundaries. Whether it’s cluttered folders, images, music, or videos, this software will intelligently pick, compare, and delete duplicate files without fail. For images, the Cleaner picks similar photos which might vary in editing, angle, or size, for you to manually review. The software also scans all popular music formats to identify exact and similar matches.

Powerful Windows Duplicate Cleaner. The software is powerful enough to take on duplicate files regardless of the bulk your PC might be having. It comes packed with brilliant features that strategically take on different locations to enhance precision and accuracy. Through automated selection and advanced filtering, you can dredge for duplicate folders and unique items in zip files for a more comprehensive scanning.

Allows for Beforehand Review of the Results. The Duplicate Cleaner Pro gives you the freedom to either carry on with automatic removal of the duplicates or take a few seconds to compare the contents. And though the software employs high-end comparison technology to reduce the chances of accidental removal of files, it’s important to know that you can always have a quick look before removing the files. The handy Selection Assistant brilliantly allows you to review the search results before removing them or moving them to a different folder.

Easy-to-use Interface. Just like with any other software, the user experience has a great impact on whether or not you stick with the product. The interface makes navigation blissful and also has a restore option in case you accidentally remove important files.


  • Fast and easy to use user-interface
  • Great filtering and automated selection
  • Compares content to determine what’s redundant


  • Cannot pause search

Get Duplicate Cleaner


Runner Up #3 (Mac): Tidy Up 5 4 out of 5 stars

This image shows Tidy Up 5 which is one of the best duplicate file finder in my review

Multi-purpose Duplicate Finder- The Tidy Up 5 is a totally re-engineered software that offers multiple libraries support to weed out redundant files and free essential hard drive space. The software supports Lightroom, Mail, Photos, iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture. As one of the best duplicate photo finder for Mac users, the software drenches for all duplicate files and removes them in areas that you probably never thought they existed.

Fully Customizable. The new generation of this best Duplicate File Finder Mac is fully-featured and powerful enough to take on redundant files. This modern and efficient tool is totally customizable, allowing for a precise and quick clean up exercise. It provides multiple criteria to search and scan specific items for more in-depth identification and comparison. By allowing you to specifically use the file name, size, and location, Tidy Up 5 makes the process seamless and effective.

Categorizes the Results for Swift Review. This software organizes the search results and categorizes them neatly based on their type (folders, images, music, video, and PDFs). The new organizational structure is designed to simplify the review process and is based on tab separation. Each of the tabs has unique settings which include smart boxes, view by grid or list, and search sources.

User-friendly Interface. The Tidy Up 5 comes with two different modes, which are both easy to navigate. The Simple Mode comes with up to 80 different pre-defined smart searches, while the Advanced Mode offers a more customized approached by refining the search criteria. The newly redesigned interface is not only easy to use but also very powerful.


  • Easily and effectively collects duplicates in the Lightroom Library
  • Possibility to handle the search results at the administrator level
  • Powerful and easy-to-use interface
  • Allows you to review search results


  • Couldn’t find one

Get Tidy Up 5 Here!


Runner Up #4 (Windows): Wise Duplicate Finder 4 out of 5 stars

This image shows Wise Duplicate Finder which is one of the best free duplicate file finder in my review

Powerful and Effective Duplicate Finder- The Wise Duplicate Finder is a duplicate file management tool for Windows that helps you search, identify, and remove redundant files from the system. The software uses intelligent algorithms to compare not only the file names but also the content to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of the process. It lifts off unwanted files from your hard drive to create more room and discourage unnecessary lags.

Fully Customizable Finder. In the course of going on with your daily work, you probably download loads of images, music, or movies. Right? Well, most of these files are downloaded repeatedly and pile up in your disk space over time. With the improved version of the Wise Duplicate Finder, you can personalize scanning to cover the area you think might have more duplicate. Whether you want to dredge through the images, videos, music, or backup, you can conveniently weed out the unwanted files in a jiffy.

Categorizes the Search Results in Groups. The Wise Duplicate File Finder Windows 10 works not only to identify the redundant files but also remove them effectively. The files picked are grouped based on their type (folders, images, music, video, and PDFs). Grouping the search duplicate file results makes reviewing swift as you can easily pick what to delete and what to leave.

Sleek Interface with a Dedicated Restore Option. With the Wise Duplicate Finder, you don’t have to worry about losing important files by mistake. The software has a restore function which allows for automatic reversal of the action- bring back all the files in a single click. All this makes Wise Duplicate File Finder one of the best software to find duplicate files.


  • The flexible tool allows you to select the specific files you want to scan
  • Allows you to easily restore deleted files
  • It allows for the removal of empty files as well
  • Available in more 25 different languages


  • It’s not possible to save the scan list for future reference

Get Wise Duplicate


Best Free Duplicate File Finder: dupeGuru

Effective Duplicate File Finder. DupeGuru is a cross-platform GUI tool that searches, picks, and removes redundant from your system to create extra space and avoid unnecessary lagging. The software scans the desired files to pick similar and exact copies based on the filename and content. This tool employs a smart comparison algorithm to pick duplicates even when their names don’t necessarily resemble. The fuzzy matching criteria is fast and only takes a few minutes to generate a comprehensive search result.

Customizable Duplicate File Finder. DupeGuru features fully customizable search engines which allow you to personalize your search to the areas you want. This duplicate video finder allows you to choose the size, location, and other attributes of the files you’re targeting to weed out for a comprehensive and accurate search experience.

It scans music regardless of the format and generates a comprehensive music-related report and promote a swift review. For photos, the tool has a dedicated photo mode that accurately picks photos that are similar and exact and lists them for you to review.

Efficient and Safe Software. When it comes to file filtering, most people are skeptical because of the fear of losing important documents. However, this isn’t a concern you’ll ever have with dupeGuru- the tool is designed with the safety of your documents in mind. After every search, dupeGuru provides a detailed reference directory categorized into groups to help you review faster. All this makes dupeGuru the best free duplicate file finder.


  • It has multiple operational modes and scan types
  • Provides you with a detailed list of the duplicates for review before deleting
  • The fuzzy matching algorithm helps to identify and delete duplicate files
  • Allows you to filter special files


  • During my dupeGuru review I found the interface a bit old-fashioned

Get dupeGuru Here!


Free Duplicate File Finder Runner Up #1: Auslogics

Smart Matching Algorithm. The Auslogics Duplicate File Finder uses smart algorithms to effectively and accurately weed out duplicate files from the system. This high-end software compares both the file name and content to eliminate the possibilities of deleting important files. The smart matching algorithm is also effective as it only takes a few minutes to search, identify, and remove the files to free up extra space in the hard drive.

The Software Grants You Full Control. The software is fully customizable and is designed to accommodate different search modes and methods for a personalized cleaning experience. Choose the type, size, and location of the files you wish to scan for a quick and straightforward experience. The patented features make using this tool very easy while enhancing its effectiveness.

Industry-acknowledged Duplicate File Finder. Developed with the user’s safety in mind, the Auslogics dupe file finder Mac has been run through multiple tests and given the go-ahead by industry experts. Not only does it use intelligent matching criteria, but it also generates a search result report before deleting for manual review. The search results are categorized in groups based on their type for a more organized and swift review process.

Userfriendly Interface. The software has an easy-to-use interface that renders navigation a bliss. The legendary design does not require technical know-how to maneuver. During my duplicate file finder reviews I found the user experience to be great, considering the software is absolutely free with no limitations.


  • Scans the computer fast
  • Effectively picks similar and exact files for review
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Fully customizable


  • Folder selection is inconvenient

Get Auslogics Here!


Free Duplicate File Finder Runner Up #2: Alldup

Multiple Search Modes. Alldup boasts of a wide range of search modes and scanning methods to help you weed out redundant files from your computer. The software allows you to search duplicate file through an unlimited number of files and folders. The multiple search modes also make scanning and find duplicate files accurate and extra fast. So, try out this duplicate file management system that allows you to easily remove the files that don’t belong using either the file content, file name, file extension, file dates or other file attributes!

Multi-purpose Tool. Downloading music, photos, and other files from the internet is something we have to keep up with every day. Unfortunately, most are the times you download a file multiple times because you can’t locate the other one. Over time, the redundant files pile up and take up your disk space. With Alldup though, all these files can be identified and removed in a single click. Whether its photos, audio, videos, backup sets, among others, this tool will clean up your system effectively

Smart Finder. While cleaning up your hard drive to free up some extra space and boost your computer’s performance sounds good, there’s always a risk of losing important documents. However, this free duplicate photo finder eliminates any possibilities of deleting unintended files by using a smart marching algorithm and providing you with a review report before deleting.

Backup and Restore. After searching, the results can be saved for later using Alldup. Also, you can move the redundant files to the recycle bin or a separate backup folder, from where you can review before deciding what to delete and what to keep.


  • Makes it easy to pick similar photos for review
  • This best free duplicate file finder allows you to select files by date
  • You can ignore EXIF and ID3 tags when comparing files
  • Allows you to select files based on the folder tree


  • During my duplicate file finder review I found the software a bit over complex

Get AllDup Here!


Free Duplicate File Finder Runner Up #3: Clonespy

Smart Duplicate Finder. Clonespy saves you the hassle of having to dredge for redundant files in your hard drive in a single click. This software uses an intelligent matching algorithm to search, find, and compare duplicate files for a quick and effective removal experience. It picks duplicates which have the same content irrespective of their name, date, time, and location. Regardless of the format, Clonespy finds and removes older file versions and empty files in a jiffy

Allows you to Review the Search Results. Though this free duplicate photo finder employs high-end smart algorithms to weed out redundant files, it also provides you with a detailed report of the search duplicate file results for manual review. The review is very helpful, especially for similar photos that you probably wouldn’t want to delete.

Fully Customizable Finder. With this freeware duplicate file finder, you can do a lot more than finding and deleting duplicates. This software allows you to build checksum files from files on your hard drive and use them to check whether these files already exist in your computer. This not only saves you time in the future, but it also renders the experience straightforward. The tool allows you to replace redundant files with hard links to the retained files.

Clonespy also allows you to move the duplicates to a different folder from where you can review the results later before deleting.


  • Numerous scan modes and search methods make the process precise and bold
  • Flexible Finder allows you to choose what to do to the duplicates
  • You can use previously imported checksums to compare the files with those in your hard drives


  • During my duplicate photo cleaner review I think the user interface could be improved a bit

Get CloneSpy Here!


The Best Duplicate Photo Finder: Conclusions

To sum it up, Duplicate File Finders are an important addition to your computer to constantly free up extra space on your hard drive and improve its performance. And with the new age where everything is on the internet, we are bound to download multiple files without even noticing, or create several backups in our computers. These duplicate management tools come in handy as they dredge for any redundant files based on content, time, location, and name. Not only are they effective at doing it, but they are also extra fast and safe.

There are plenty of reasons why you need a Duplicate File Finder, and depending on your Operating System and the version you’re using, there’s a good number of tools to choose from. However, we recommend going for a trusted software as you don’t want to install any other Finder on the internet. An ideal Duplicate Finder will carry out an in-depth search on your system, give you a wide selection of scan modes, generate a search report for review, and offer a number of ways to handle the duplicates.

This guide details everything you need to know to help you pick the best photo duplicate finder depending on your tech-savvy status. Whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows computer, we have a great selection of compatible software for you. All the tools in this guide are expert-approved, efficient, easy to use, and only differ in specs. We hope this guide helps you to make an informed decision.


PS: In closing, I hope my best duplicate photo finder review was helpful when you’re making your choice. In addition, I recommend that you look around our site to learn about other online software for small business owners. For example our best Mac cleaner and dr.fone review articles. Also, if you have any questions about this best duplicate photo finder reviews or something else, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail using my contact form.

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