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AnyTrans Review 2021 | A Good iTunes Alternative?

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A quick search on the internet will show you how desperate people are for a reliable iTunes alternative. Most people are either looking for a speedy way to manage and transfer music, videos, and images to their iOS devices or a more intuitive program that bypasses iTunes restrictions. So regardless of your motivation, there are numerous alternatives on the market, and AnyTrans is the best option.

This all-in-one iOS manager consolidates your entire apple devices for quicker access and control. With the tool, you can easily access your music, photos, videos, safari history, and other content. The best thing about the program is its unmatched dynamism. Whether it’s your iPhone, computer, iCloud, or iTunes, there are no limits. Moreover, its minimalistic design makes it easy to navigate the software.

Besides the efficient and minimalistic control over your iOS data and files, AnyTrans allows you to easily backup your iPhone/iPad wirelessly and automatically. It makes it easy to transfer books, messages, and voice memos from one iPhone to the other or your computer and vice versa. And for the download maniacs, AnyTrans allows you to download videos from over 1000 sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook.

Download Anytrans here >

Anytrans Review Summary

iMobie’s AnyTrans is certainly the best alternative to iTunes, especially when it comes to iOS content management. I find it much better to work with thanks to its simple and minimalistic design. The clean interface works pretty much like iTunes, but with more clarity and efficiency.

The application comes with numerous features like iCloud data explorer, app manager, simple file transfer, and file manager. With AnyTrans, you can transfer data and files easily between two iPhones/iPads or from an iPhone to your computer and vice versa.

Anytrans iTunes manager

Trust me! We’ve reviewed tons of iTunes alternatives, and AnyTrans is the only program that we felt was too good for the ‘alternative’ title. This digital data tool helps sync your Apple, Android, and Windows devices for faster transfer of data and files. Everything from contacts, music, videos, pictures, and safari history, backup all your content with a tap. What’s more, the automatic and backup feature runs in the background as you carry on with your day.

AnyTrans allows you to batch download apps and updates to your computer at once and then install them to your iOS device by simply clicking a button. The iCloud manager allows you to better manage your iCloud account space by easily deleting things you no longer need. By bypassing iTunes and other regular apps’ restrictions, AnyTrans makes it easy for you to carry out selective backups and restores, copy music directly from the computer to your mobile device, and manage your iTunes library synchronization. Generally, this tool allows you to control your mobile devices’ data and files while bypassing common restrictions.


  • Easily sync and backup files between your iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Manage iTunes and iCloud data and files better
  • Easily transfer files from one iOS device to the other or your computer and vice versa
  • Automatic and wireless backup makes your life easier
  • Selective backups and restores
  • Great tech support team


  • The free trial version only allows you to transfer 30 items per day
  • It’s a desktop software, which means you can’t transfer files without a PC and Mac

Download Anytrans here >

What Is iMobie AnyTrans?

AnyTrans is a digital data tool from iMobie that makes it easy to manage files on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. With the software, you can easily transfer movies, pictures, music, apps, and other forms of content from your computer to your phone and vice versa. Also, it allows you to easily backup your files and data wirelessly without lifting a finger. Generally, it consolidates your content in one place, making access, transfer, and backup blissful.

How Much Is AnyTrans?

Like most other data management tools, iMobie’s AnyTrans is available in both free and paid versions. The free plan is limited to three days, and you can only transfer 30 files in a day.

Also, the free version comes with major transfer limitations. The paid version unlocks all the limits on the free plan. What’s more, a single license starts at $39.99 per year and $49.99 for a lifetime. If you want to have a license for up to 5 computers, the family license goes for $69.99.

AnyTrans Features

Besides the super minimalistic and clean interface, iMobie AnyTrans boasts impeccable features that simplify data management. Some of the common features include:

1. Sync and Transfer

Probably the most common feature, sync and transfer allows you to move content from your computer to your iPhone and vice versa. Simply connect your phone with a USB cable, open the AnyTrans app, and transfer whatever you want. Whether it’s music, videos, or images, you’re just a few clicks away from a successful iPhone transfer.

It works more like iTunes by allowing you to transfer photos, data, and files easily. However, unlike iTunes, you can easily add music and other media files to your iPhone or iPad manually. Most importantly, it eliminates the unnecessary library concept, prevents duplication, and constant re-sync, making your experience more pleasant than before. Lastly, moving content between two iOS devices hasn’t been more straightforward.

2. Backup Manager

Anytrans backup feature

One of the greatest drawbacks of using iTunes is its inability to let you know exactly what’s stored in the backup. And as crazy as it sounds, it’s impossible to find out just how many messages, contacts, safari browser history, emails, and photos are in your backup. And that’s where AnyTrans comes in. With this tool, you can easily manage your backups and check what is stored in the backups with the tap of a button.

More so, the AnyTrans backup feature allows you to selectively back up specific apps or text messages to the phone. And while it sounds like a basic thing for an iTunes alternative, selective backup is a feature that’s only found in a few tools. With the feature, you can easily choose what you want to back up and leave the rest, thus saving your time and space.

Note: the AnyTrans software also has ‘Air Backup’ that allows you to back up your iPhone wirelessly. No need for the monotonous USB reconnection. More so, the backup takes place in the background as long as you’re in the same network.

3. App and File Management

AnyTrans’ built-in app manager lets you mine details about installed apps while allowing easy browsing through the file system. From here, you can delete old contacts, save important notes for backup, and export Safari bookmarks and URLs. You can also manage voicemails, messages, call history, and more using this feature.

4. iCloud Explorer

Anytrans iCloud manager

iCloud Explorer makes it easy to access your iCloud backup at any time. The interface is a little different from the one you’ll see at as well. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to directly sync selective files and folders on your iDevice to iCloud backup.

Other iMobie AnyTrans’ features include:

  • WhatsApp messages transfer to a different phone. AnyTrans makes it easy to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new iPhone. More so, the transfer doesn’t take long, depending on the number of messages.
  • Ringtone customization. The ringtone maker feature allows you to create custom ringtones and store them in your Phone. Just pick any music track and personalize it.
  • iPhone cloning. The iOS device cloning feature is very easy to use. To do it, open AnyTrans and connect two iPhones with your PC. The interface will let you choose your new and old iPhone as well as choose the files and media to transfer.
  • Video download. AnyTrans allows you to do more than just watch your favorite videos. You can easily download your favorite videos and watch them later when you don’t have an internet connection.

Download Anytrans here >

Anytrans Alternatives


iTunes is a mobile device management utility that lets you add, back up, and organize data files on your Mac. You can also sync media files and other content to an iPhone/iPad.

It offers a convenient way to manage your data with a wide range of exciting features. However, as we pointed out earlier, iTunes comes with a set of restrictions, which is why we recommend going for AnyTrans instead.


Like iTunes, iMazing is an incredible mobile device management software that simplifies how you transfer data between your iOS devices and macOS or Windows computers. It also boasts better capabilities than iTunes, mostly because it doesn’t come with transfer limitations and restrictions.

Read my iMazing review here >


MediaMonkey is a digital media library application that’s designed for Windows and macOS computers. Music enthusiasts will be glad to know the software boasts incredible capabilities that help to better manage their music collection. What’s more, it comes with essential plug-ins that help it transition to handle video and other media formats. It also helps to find duplicate music files in the library for easier deleting.


Syncios a mobile data transfer software by Anvsoft Inc that helps manage your phone’s data and files. It also acts as an online video downloader, media player, and ringtone maker. Most importantly, it’s available for both Windows and macOS computers. This means that you can manage data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices.


Is AnyTrans Safe to Use?

AnyTrans iOS is completely safe to use. It’s malware-free, and the installer file downloads from iMobie’s website. Once downloaded, it installs directly, eliminating the possibility of third-party files getting lumped together. For this reason, you can be sure you’re installing the most secure and latest version of the software. More so, both the installer file and downloaded program pass Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans.

Does AnyTrans work on Windows?

Yes! The software is available for Windows computers as well. With this device management tool, you can easily manage and transfer files and data between your Windows computer and Android phone.

How do I install AnyTrans on my computer?

Downloading and installing iOS AnyTrans is very easy. Simply:

  • Download the software.
  • Run the installer file – click the downloaded file to launch the installer file.
  • Install the program – follow the setup instructions to launch the software.

Final Words

And that’s it! iMobie AnyTrans is an effective data management tool for your iPhone or iPad. Sure it isn’t free and will cost you at least $39.99 for a single license, but the output outweighs the cost. And while most people compare it to iTunes, everything about it screams superiority and unmatched effectiveness. You can transfer music, images, and videos freely to your phone, computer, and iTunes. And unlike iTunes, you don’t have to worry about transfer limitations and restrictions with AnyTrans.

Having tried dozens of software that qualify as ‘iTunes alternatives,’ I have no problem recommending AnyTrans for iOS.  And, I’ll go as far as branding it the best iOS device management tool I’ve used so far. So, look at some of the features the software offers and compare them to the alternatives’. It’s affordable, effective, safe, and certainly reliable in the long run.

Download Anytrans here >

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