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Hi I am Tim, an engineer and small business owner from Northern California. I am an outgoing creative writer and tech blogger who has a passion for helping people and building creativity in the mind, through outstanding how-to guides, articles and honest software reviews. I am also the main writer and brain behind Business Technology Reviews, which has been my main focus since 2014.

On Business Technology Reviews you will find solutions to common problems related to software and computers, with practical software reviews, tools tips and step-by-step technical guides. You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter with the buttons below.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

We always promote the products we love.

However some articles will contain affiliate links that pay us a commission per sale, at no added cost to you. Some affiliate programs we use are MacPaw, Dr.Fone and others.

We do this to create better content where most of the profits are used to buy products to review, buying design software and website hosting.

Please note, just because we use affiliate links doesn’t mean our opinions are changed, we only promote software we know and love. And we NEVER accept money for a product review, everything used on Business Technology Reviews is purchased directly by us to take away the pressure of any biased opinions.

With that being said, it’s best to assume that all links on Business Technology Reviews are affiliate links.

You always need to research the products yourself. And always exercise due diligence before buying any of the products or services we talk about.


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